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Huge Thank You to our Sponsors

We are so grateful for our amazing sponsors each year!  Without you we wouldn't be able to hold our fair for the community.  


Ludwig Transport

Cider Keg

Queensway Garage

Simcoe Toyota

Adcock Motors


Tate's Automotive

Bayside Septic

Simcoe Starter

Ontario West Insurance

Mobile Wash Sandblasting & Painting


Simcoe Starter

SOS Towing

Kraushaar Machine


Prestige Machanical


Gintec Shade


Cook Sheet Metal




Hayward Motors


Brian General


Les Johnson


Gail's Auto Aftermarket


Dan Montour



W.E. Saunders


Napa Simcoe


Partner Auto Delhi


Royal Lepage


Chrompton Hardware Delhi


Vittoria/St Williams Fire Department


Simcoe Bearing




Scott's Used Tires


Speedy Auto Glass

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